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C-terminally mutated tubby protein accumulates in aggresomes
Sunshin Kim1, Ho Jin Sung1, Ji Won Lee1, Yun Hee Kim1,2, Yong-Seok Oh3, Kyong-Ah Yoon4, Kyun Heo1,*, Pann-Ghill Suh5
1Research Institute and 2Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy, National Cancer Center,
3Department of Brain-Cognitive Science, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST),
4College of Veterinary Medicine, Konkuk University,
5School of Nano-Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
The tubby protein (Tub), a putative transcription factor, plays important roles in the maintenance and function of neuronal cells. A splicing defect-causing mutation in the 3’-end of the tubby gene, which is predicted to disrupt the carboxy-terminal region of the Tub protein, causes maturity-onset obesity, blindness and deafness in mouse. Although this pathological Tub mutation leads to a loss of function, the precise mechanism has not yet been investigated. Here, we found that the mutant Tub were mostly localized to puncta found in the perinuclear region, and that the C-terminus was important for its solubility. Immunocytochemical analysis revealed that the puncta of mutant Tub colocalized with aggresome. Moreover, whereas wild-type Tub was translocated to the nucleus by extracellular signaling, the mutant forms failed to undergo such translocation. Taken together, our results suggest that the malfunctions of the Tub mutant are caused by its misfolding and subsequent localization to aggresomes.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript(in press) [Submitted on August 12, 2016, Accepted on September 29, 2016]
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