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Identifying the cellular location of brain cytoplasmic 200 RNA using an RNA-recognizing antibody
Heegwon Shin1, Jungmin Lee1, Youngmi Kim1, Seonghui Jang1, Takbum Ohn2, Younghoon Lee1,*
1Department of Chemistry, KAIST,
2Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Chosun University School of Medicine
Brain cytoplasmic 200 RNA (BC200 RNA) is a neuron-specific non-coding RNA that has been implicated in the inhibition of local synaptodendritic protein synthesis. It is also highly expressed in some cancer cells. Although BC200 RNA has been shown to inhibit translation in vitro, the cellular location of this inhibition was previously unknown. In this study, we used a BC200 RNA-recognizing antibody to identify the cellular locations of BC200 RNA in HeLa cervical carcinoma cells. We observed punctate signals in both the cytoplasm and nucleus, and further found that BC200 RNA colocalized with the p-body decapping enzyme, DCP1A, and heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein E2 (hnRNP E2). The latter is a known BC200 RNA-binding partner protein and a constituent of p-bodies. This suggests that BC200 RNA is localized to p-bodies via hnRNP E2.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript(in press) [Submitted on December 9, 2016, Accepted on December 28, 2016]
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