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microRNA-200a-3p enhances mitochondrial elongation by targeting mitochondrial fission factor.
Heejin Lee1,#, Hyosun Tak1,#, So Jung Park2, Yoon Kyung Jo2, Dong Hyung Cho2,#, Eun Kyung Lee1,*,#
1Department of biochemistry, The Catholic University of Korea,
2Department of Gerontology, Graduate School of East–West Medical Science, Kyung Hee University
Mitochondrial play pivotal roles in the ATP production, apoptosis and generation of reactive oxygen species. Although dynamic regulation of mitochondria morphology is a critical step to maintain cellular homeostasis, the regulatory mechanisms are not yet fully elucidated. In this study, we identified miR-200a-3p as a novel regulator of mitochondrial dynamics by targeting mitochondrial fission factor (MFF). We demonstrated that the ectopic expression of miR-200a-3p enhanced mitochondrial elongation, increased mitochondrial ATP synthesis, mitochondrial membrane potential and oxygen consumption rate. These results indicate that miR-200a-3p positively regulated mitochondrial elongation by downregulating MFF expression.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript(in press) [Submitted on January 14, 2017, Accepted on January 31, 2017]
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