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Dead cell phagocytosis and innate immune checkpoint
Kyoung Wan Yoon1,*
1Department of Biotechnology, Hoseo University, 20, Asan 31499, Republic of Korea
Human body are losing several billions of cells every day. When cells are dying in vivo, the corpse of dead cell are not remained uncleared. Dead cells are efficiently recognized and cleared by multiple types of neighboring phagocytes. In the initial researches studying cell death, molecular mechanisms regulating cell death are more focused and the end corpse are simply considered as cellular debris. However, it has been revealed that various biological influences after cell death are important for the followed immune regulations. Healthy clearance of normal dead cells is silently carried out with immune tolerance. The exogenous or mutated antigens of malignant or infected cells can initiate the adaptive immunity inducing immunogenicity by adjuvant signals. Several pathogens and cancer cells have strategies to limit the adjuvant signals and escape immune surveillance. In this review, we present the overview of mechanisms of dead cell clearance and its immune regulations.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript(in press) [Submitted on August 2, 2017, Accepted on August 2, 2017]
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