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Cellular senescence in cancer
Tae Jun Park1,*, Young Hwa Kim1
1Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon 16499, Korea
Cellular senescence, a process of cell proliferation arrest in response to various stressors, has been considered to be important factor in age-related disease. Identification of senescent cells in tissues is limited and the role of senescent cells is poorly understood. Recently however, several studies showed the characterization of senescent cells in various pathologic conditions and the role of senescent cells in disease progression is becoming important. Senescent cells are growth-arrested cells, however, the senescence associated secretory phenotype (SASP) of senescent cells could modify the tissues’ microenvironment. Here, we discuss the progress and understanding of the role of senescent cells in tissues of pathologic conditions and discuss the development of new therapeutic paradigms, such as senescent cells-targeted therapy.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript [Submitted on December 10, 2018, Accepted on December 10, 2018]
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