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Emerging roles of 14-3-3ɣ in brain disorders
Eunsil Cho 1 (Graduate student), Jae-Yong Park 1,* (Professor)
1School of Biosystem and Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Korea University, Seoul 02708, Korea
14-3-3 proteins are mostly expressed in the brain and are closely involved in numerous brain functions and various brain disorders. Among the isotypes of the 14-3-3 proteins, 14-3-3ɤ is mainly expressed in neurons and is highly produced during brain development, which could indicate that it has a significance in neural development. Furthermore, the distinctive levels of temporally and locally regulated 14-3-3ɤ expression in various brain disorders suggest that it could play a substantial role in brain plasticity of the diseased states. In this review, we introduce the various brain disorders reported to be involved with 14-3-3ɤ, and summarize the changes of 14-3-3ɤ expression in each brain disease. We also discuss the potential of 14-3-3ɤ for treatment and the importance of research on specific 14-3-3 isotypes for an effective therapeutic approach.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript [Submitted on July 27, 2020, Accepted on September 20, 2020]
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