Foxp3+ regulatory CD4+ T (Treg) cells play an essential role in preventing overt immune responses against self and innocuous foreign antigens. Selective expansion of endogenous Treg cells in response to the administration of interleukin (IL)-2/antibody complex, such as the IL-2/JES6-1 complex (IL-2C) in mice, is considered an attractive therapeutic approach to various immune disorders. Here, we investigated the therapeutic potential of IL-2C in allergic airway inflammation models. IL-2C treatment ameliorated Th17-mediated airway inflammation; however, unexpectedly, IL-2C treatment exacerbated Th2-mediated allergic airway inflammation by inducing the selective expansion of Th2 cells and type-2 innate lymphoid cells. We also found that IL-2 signaling is required for the expansion of Th2 cells in lymphoproliferative disease caused by Treg cell depletion. Our data suggest that IL-2C is selectively applicable to the treatment of allergic airway diseases depending on the characteristics of airway inflammation.