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The heterotrimeric kinesin-2 family member KIF3A directly binds to disabled-1 (Dab1)
Dae-Hyun Seog 1,* (Professor)
1Department of Biochemistry, Inje University College of Medicine, Inje University
The heterotrimeric molecular motor kinesin-2 is involved in the microtubule-dependent transport of intracellular cargo. It consists of two distinct motor subunits (KIF3A, and KIF3B) and a non-motor subunit, kinesin-associated protein 3 (KAP3). The cargo-binding domain (CBD) at the carboxyl (C)-terminus of KIF3s plays an important role in the interaction with several different binding proteins. To identify the binding proteins for heterotrimeric kinesin-2, we performed a yeast two-hybrid screen and found a new interaction with Disables-1 (Dab1), the intracellular adaptor protein of reelin receptors. Dab1 bound to the CBD of KIF3A, but did not interact with the C-terminal domain of KIF3B, KIF5B, KIF17 or KAP3. The phosphotyrosine binding (PTB) domain-containing region of Dab1 is essential for the interaction with KIF3A. KIF3A interacted with GST-Dab1, and GST-CaMKII, but did not interact with GST-apolipoprotein E receptor 2 (ApoER2)-C or with GST alone. When co-expressed in HEK-293T cells, KIF3A co-precipitated with Dab1, but not with KIF5B. Dab1 and KIF3A were co-localized in cultured cells. We also identified deduced cell surface expression of ApoER2 in KIF3A dominant-negative cells. These results suggest that the KIF3A plays a role in the intracellular trafficking of ApoER2 to the cell surface.
Abstract, Accepted Manuscript [Submitted on February 15, 2024, Accepted on March 17, 2024]
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